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WordPress Gallery Shortcode Customization

We can customize WordPress gallery short code easily. It is on pluagable file so, this function can be override by theme functions.php or through plugins. Say How to customize the output of the WP image gallery shortcode from a plugin? Just need to call this hook in your theme or plugins and write this function according to latest wordpress. You can find the hook i’m using in wp-includes/media.php inside the gallery shortcode callback function(see line 763). In from end Read more
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WordPress action hook fire with theme functions file hook

Sometimes we need to write plugin, where some hook need to fire before theme hook fired. For this we need to add plugin_loaded hook to plugin file. Suppose, we are going to customize RSS feed hook. It needs to include theme functions.php file. but I can’t customize theme functions.php file because of premium theme. In that case we need to build plugin with this condition. Read more
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Add Settings link to wordpress plugin page

If you are developing a WordPress plugin, one of the first things I would suggest is adding a “Settings” link directly on the plugins page. This makes it easier for users to quickly access the plugin’s options page without having to search through the admin menu. It is pretty simple to do, and only takes a few lines of code. Add the following to your plugin file, within a <php> tag: Be sure to change the your_plugin.php to the actual Read more
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How to fix Responsive Issue in IE10 on Windows Phone 8

Here’s what you need to do: Use @-ms-viewport in your CSS Use the meta viewport tag And finally, in the head section, add the following JavaScript This code specifically targets version IE Mobile 10.0 – also added an extra condition to ensure it only happens in IE – so future, fixed versions will be untouched. It’s worth noting that JavaScript cannot be disabled on Windows Phone 8, so this code will always run. Read more