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Add sidebar , Sidebar registry, Add new sidebar in wordpres

Just Copy the wp default sidebar and rename with different like sidebar-new.php Open functions.php file add the extra code(bellow) in default function. and your final code will show like this For dynamic you have to change a little code from sidebar-new.php Just change Finally you just include sidebar-new.php file to your selected template. example And enjoy with dynamic site. Read more
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How can I display wordpress post into another CMS

How can I display wordpress post to another site , that is not in wordpress platform ? It is easy to display any part of wordpress content in another platfor site. For example i have do the following to display recent post into magento CMS. Just I create a file name showPost in wordpress index folder. and write the following code in it and this file require form magento site, nothing else. Finally I get the recent five post from Read more
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How to Insert Ads in the Middle of Your Content!

How to Insert Ads in the Middle of Your Content! Anyways, here’s how to insert ads after 1-3 sentences after your content. (Or you can change the $tcount>=1 values to something like $tcount>=3 if you want to show ads after more sentences.) You can even show additional ads at the bottom of your content if your blog post is a long blog post versus short. Here’s the code that will let you insert ads at different places in your content. Read more