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How to add wordpress more custom menu in theme

WordPress cusmtom menu is more manageable menu from other menu system. Here are two menu system in custom menu. One can managed from widget and other is to set up to theme. This is very easy to add more then one custom menu in wordpress theme. Just add below code in functions.php Then you see the tow menu form admin panel. where you can set it up. After that add the below code in theme file where you want to Read more
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Customize wordpress admin menu, whatever you want

In WordPress, each user type have different capability. Sometimes, we want to change these capability and the most easiest way to do that is to remove what they can see when they logged in. Especially when someone wants to change WordPress into a powerful CMS and remove certain admin menu without touching the core system. In most CMS, there are so much restriction on their core system that makes it really inflexible. Unlike other system, WordPress is able to modify Read more
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Using the WordPress Uploader in Your Plugin or Theme

It’s fairly simple to implement, providing you already have a bit of experience with the WordPress API. The first step is to prepare your HTML. Put it wherever the code for your admin page is. You want to have a text input for the image URL, and a button that will launch the uploader dialog. Now that the easy part is out of the way, it’s time to start making it do something. You need to enqueue some scripts and Read more